Hawthornden Prize

The Hawthornden Prize is a British literary award that was established in 1919 by Alice Warrender. It is funded by a trust bequeathed by her. Authors under the age of 41 are awarded on the quality of their "imaginative literature" which can be written in either poetry or prose. The Hawthornden Committee awards the Prize annually for a work published in the previous twelve months.


1989 selection

The Complete Talking Heads

Hawthornden Prize 1989

by Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett's award-winning series of solo pieces is a classic of contemporary drama, universally hailed for its combination of razor-sharp wit and deeply felt humanity. In Bed Among the Lentils, a vicar's...

1923 selection

Lady into Fox

Hawthornden Prize 1923

by David Garnett & R.A. Garnett

A beloved wife is unaccountably transformed into a fox in this modern folktale. Humor, fantasy, allegory, and realism combine in a portrait of a husband's devotion and a woman's struggle to maintain her humanity....