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The hero of Artsybashev's novel exhibits a set of new values to be contrasted with the morality of the older Russian intelligentsia. Sanin is an attractive, clever, powerful, life-loving man who is, at the same time, an amoral and carnal animal, bored both by politics and by religion. During the novel he lusts after his own sister, but defends her when she is betrayed by an arrogant officer; he deflowers an innocent-but-willing virgin; and encourages a Jewish friend… (more)

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Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:41:32 +0100

This is a somehow fascinating book, that had an great success when published. "Political interpretations" of this book exist and A. was exiled, like Andreyev and many others. But the characters are strongly constructed, the prose is excellent and the underlying reflexions hold still now. Two limits I found: the excess of landscape descriptions (where A. is a real master) and the urgency of creating a concluded sense within the limits of some hundred pages; in practice too many suicides. This… (more)

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Language: English

Published in: 1907

Translator: Percy E. Pinkerton

Word count: 95,668 words (≈ about 6 hours)


Copyright: This work is available for countries where copyright is Life+70 and in the USA.

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