The Man Who Saved The Earth

The Man Who Saved The Earth

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The story opens on an oppressively hot day with a poor little newspaper boy, Charley, playing with a "burning glass" (a magnifying glass) which he uses to concentrate sunlight onto a small focal spot, thus intensifying the heat on some paper until it burns a hole, perhaps a portent of things to come. He is noticed by a recluse scientist, Dr. Robold, who takes interest in Charley's scientific curiosity and calls him a young Archimedes, referring to the ancient Greek… (more)

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SardoWeems (7 books)
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 06:49:27 +0200

A story from the first copy of the first science fiction magazine printed. A mysterious globe leaves a crater in Oakland and vaporizes a mountain in the Sierras. Then things start to get hairy.
The writing is archaic, and the constant hinting about things to come is a minor irritation. The science creaks a little, but, all in all, it's a good story.

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Language: English

Published in: 1926

Word count: 19,402 words (≈ about 1 hour)

Source: The Internet Archive

License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (cc by-nc-sa)

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