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The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom

The Younger Set

One Trip Abroad

Lost in the Fog

The Gorgon's Head

The Hollow of the Three Hills

Circe's Palace

The Lord of the Sea

Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill

by Alice B. Emerson

Recently orphaned, Ruth Fielding goes to live with her Uncle Jabez in New York. Jabez and his housekeeper receive Ruth very coldly and seem to care very little for her, saying only that she must "earn her keep"...

Drowne's Wooden Image

Gentle Julia

The Native Soil

The Conquest of Canaan

Field Trip

The Seven Vagabonds

Sir Dominick Ferrand

The Drone

The Gentleman from Indiana

The Guest of Quesnay


by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

A haunting and darkly beautiful tale of dreams and desperation set in a scarcity-riddled near-future Mexico City.