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The Crawling Chaos

The Child That Went With The Fairies

The Doom That Came to Sarnath

The Devil in the Belfry

by Edgar Allan Poe

In an isolated town called Vondervotteimittis (wonder-what-time-it-is), the punctilious inhabitants seem to be concerned with nothing but clocks and cabbage. This methodical, boring and quiet little borough...

Hellhound of the Cosmos

by Clifford Donald Simak

Dimensional degeneration.


The Demon Spell

The Tree on the Hill

by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

The story is written in first person. It depicts the main character going outside Hampden and finding a special tree. The tree makes him day dream about a big temple in a land with three suns. The temple was...

The Terror

The Black Stone

The Assignation

The Angel of the Odd

The Disinterment

The Ghost Pirates

A Tale of the Ragged Mountains

The Horror From The Mound

The Power of Darkness

Medusa's Coil

The Hound