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Evil Deeds at Red Cougar


by Dane Coolidge

A "rough and ready" western story which moves briskly. Wunpost is a prospector so credulous and ignorant that he makes a mining contract without reading the fine print. The first loss to a rascally grubstaker...

Texas John Alden

While Smoke Rolled

Rowdy of the Cross L

Wells Brothers

by Andy Adams

A cowboy story, firmly based on Adams's own experience.

Jean of the Lazy A

The Road to Bear Creek

Cattle Brands

by Andy Adams

It was a wet, bad year on the Old Western Trail. From Red River north and all along was herd after herd waterbound by high water in the rivers. Our outfit lay over nearly a week on the South Canadian, but we...

Pilgrims To the Pecos

No Cowherders Wanted

The Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts

The Haunted Mountain

The Riot at Cougar Paw

The Feud Buster

A Gent From Bear Creek (Short Story)