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The Young Lion Hunter

Tom Swift in the City of Gold

Tom Swift #200

by Victor Appleton

The story opens with Tom receiving a letter from Africa, containing a crude map. The rest of the story can be summed up in a mere three words: Acute Gold Fever, or AGF. Jacob Illingway, the Protestant missionary...



The River's End

by James Oliver Curwood

A story of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police.

Morning Star

Allan's Wife


Burning Daylight

by Jack London

A tale of the Klondike Goldrush and the corrupting influence of high stakes capitalism.

Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat

Tom Swift #191

by Victor Appleton

The tale of great boat races and thrilling experiences with Tom Swift the boatman.

The Voice of El-Lil

The Pit of the Serpent

The Wizard

Smith and the Pharaohs, And Other Tales

The Marquis of Carabas

When the World Shook

The Ivory Child


The Treasure of the Lake

She and Allan