Publishing your own work


Web Interface


Formatting Tips

1. Sign in to your account


... then click on "Publish" at the top of any page.




2. Create your book


Fill in the meta-data information for your book (Title, year of publication, language, etc.), Don't forget the categories and tags, so people can easily find the book.

If you publish under a CC licence, you can specify the conditions. More information about the Basic Properties can be found here:




3. Create the structure of the book, and Add the text


Add the text of the book, respecting the structure (parts, chapters, etc.). For a more detailed explanation of the different elements you can use in your book's structure, take a look at this page:


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot



Tip! If your book has a preface followed by 10 chapters and then an epilogue, you can add 12 chapter elements and then use the "Reorder elements" feature to turn the first and last chapter into Section elements by selecting Section from the drop-down list. The remaining chapters will automatically be re-numbered. You can also use this feature to modify the order of your elements, by clicking and dragging the number of the element you want to move. If you change your mind, just click "Cancel" at the bottom of the page. Otherwise click OK to validate your changes.


4. Add a cover


A good presentation is important. A book with a nice looking cover, a good description and relevant categories/tags will attract many more potential readers.

To add an original cover image, click on the default cover, navigate to the image you want to use on your computer, then validate by clicking OK. If you're using Chrome browser, you can drag your image directly onto the browser window and drop it in place, and it will automatically be uploaded.




You can see what your book will look like at any time by requesting a preview, in the format of your choice.

When you're finished, just click on "Publish".