Web Publishing Interface

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If you're an author and you'd like to publish your books for free as e-books, Feedbooks is perfectly suited for several reasons:

Getting Started

On the top menu of the website, click on Publish to start publishing a book.

If you'd like to edit a book that you've previously created go to Your Books.

Book Properties

Before the proper publishing process, you'll have to provide a few informations about it:


For most authors, we recommend using our Web Interface to edit the contents of your book. If you're a bit geekier, you can use our API.


Once you're done editing your book, just press on publish in the Web interface and your book will be instantly available to everyone.

Keep in mind that you don't need to publish your book if you're editing through several sessions: your content will be saved. You can also edit your book again anytime you want, but make sure that you hit the publish button again, otherwise your content won't be available anymore.

Where can I download my book ?

Aside from the main website, any self-published books from Feedbooks can be accessed through:

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