On the Deville expressway

Plague and Cholera

Plague and Cholera won the prestigious Prix Femina in France. Discover the author of 2012’s French literary phenomemon in a short interview.

How long have you known Alexandre Yersin?

A few years ago, I discovered him while working on Kampuchea, researching at the library.

Why did you also include cholera in the title?

Because of Germany and Robert Koch who was completely opposed to Pasteur.

Are there still any explorers outside of scientific research?

Of course not. Now you can find everything in an atlas or on Google Earth. There are no longer any real explorers or geographers.

Why do you travel?

In order to write books. I travel to write books.

Are you close to Yersin’s ideas, to his individualism, to his choice not to make a career, not to take sides in political issues?

I am not. I do not share his ideas. A few years ago, I wrote about a man who was a supporter of slavery, but I didn’t share his ideas.
However, I am close to a lot of Yersin’s other ideas.

Alexandre Yersin despised arts and considered literature as garbage. Do you agree?

I hope I’ll prove him wrong.