The Clumsiest People in Europe

The Clumsiest People in Europe

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7.79 The Clumsiest People in Europe

A hoot, even if you do feel guilty for laughing. - Entertainment Weekly

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Sweden is full of robbers, Germans are unclean and Spaniards are cruel. Those nasty generalizations are culled from a series of 19th century children's guides to the world by Favell Lee Mortimer.

Todd Pruzan [...] says he couldn't believe his eyes when he first read them. "It was almost like a snapshot of Victorian prejudice made available for anyone to come find," he tells Melissa Block.

There is almost no incentive to step out the front door in the strange, cruel, wildly prejudiced guidebooks of Mrs. Favell Lee Mortimer, a tough-minded Victorian children's writer whose astonishing thoughts on foreign lands have been excerpted by Todd Pruzan in "The Clumsiest People in Europe."

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Publisher: Bloomsbury USA (December 13, 2008)

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