The Mirage

The Mirage

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11.99 The Mirage

A mind-bending novel in which an alternate history of 9/11 and its aftermath uncovers startling truths about America and the Middle East

11/9/2001: Christian fundamentalists hijack four jetliners. They fly two into the Tigris & Euphrates World Trade Towers in Baghdad, and a third into the Arab Defense Ministry in Riyadh. The fourth plane, believed to be bound for Mecca, is brought down by its passengers.

The United Arab States declares a War on Terror. Arabian and… (more)

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[T]his isn't just more Matt Ruff. This is Matt Ruff with the awesome turned up to 11. To 12. To 100.

Remember those 'What If' comics that Marvel used to put out? There was the one that asked what would have happened if the black costume had possessed Spider-Man, and another that posited what things would have been like if Dr. Doom was viewed as a hero. I couldn't help but be reminded of these while reading Matt Ruff's new novel 'The Mirage,' considering the story plays off that same 'what if' premise.

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Publisher: Harper (February 07, 2012)

Format: EPUB

Page count: 432 pages

File size: 1.8 MB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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