My Cross to Bear

My Cross to Bear

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3.99 My Cross to Bear

As one of the greatest rock icons of all time, Gregg Allman has lived it all and then some. For almost fifty years, he's been creating some of the most recognizable songs in American rock, but never before has he paused to reflect on the long road he's traveled. Now, he tells the unflinching story of his life, laying bare the unvarnished truth about his wild ride that has spanned across the years.

The story begins simply: with Gregg and his older brother, Duane,… (more)

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“My Cross to Bear” has all the earmarks of a text dictated by its subject and cleaned up by someone else, meaning it has too many ho-hum moments but also the charm of a real voice.

One of the great virtues of “My Cross to Bear,” his slightly better-than-average rock memoir, is how frank Mr. Allman is about the perks of being a tall, blond, intricately bewhiskered white rock god in skinny jeans who can bellow the blues like a black man.

Gregg Allman didn’t sell his soul to the devil. But if he had, the transaction would probably rate just a paragraph toward the back of his new memoir, “My Cross to Bear,” sandwiched between an ode to motorcycles and a two-sentence account of his fourth marriage.

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Publisher: William Morrow (May 01, 2012)

Collection: William Morrow

Format: EPUB

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