Editorial reviews


As I mentioned with regard to Divergent, I can see how the teen and pre-teen audience will respond much more positively to the series than I have

I liked this book A LOT!! Some of the things I liked were that you got introduced to some new characters and most of them played a big part in the book. I also liked how you learned more about Tobias’s past.

All in all, I thought this was an excellent follow-up to last year’s Divergent. It didn’t quite hit me the same way its predecessor did, but I didn’t find this to be the sophomore slump that plagues so many series out there. And it’s nice to read a book where character is fully revealed through action and choice rather than narrative exposition. B

Hard-boiled fans may consider waiting with this volume until the trilogy is finished. Because Insurgent ends with a huge cliffhanger. Trust me, Divergent was well rounded in comparison and even though its ending was also rather open I felt like I got some closure.

The shifting allegiances make "Insurgent" a more complicated and conflict-ridden story that requires more careful reading than "Divergent," but it's just as action packed and anxiety provoking.