The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

for $ 12.99

12.99 The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

A Revolution in the Science of Good and Evil

Why do some people give freely while others are cold hearted?

Why do some people cheat and steal while others you can trust with your life?

Why are some husbands more faithful than others—and why do women tend to be more generous than men?

Could they key to moral behavior lie with a single molecule?

From the bucolic English countryside to the highlands of Papua New Guinea, from labs in Switzerland to his campus in Souther… (more)

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Explaining his use of cutting-edge research to undercut Gordon Gekko's infamous mantra (“Greed is good”), Zak is engaging, entertaining and profound.

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Publisher: Plume (May 10, 2012)

Format: EPUB

Page count: 256 pages

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Language: English

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