Conquering The Cowboy (Mills & Boon Blaze)

Conquering The Cowboy (Mills & Boon Blaze)

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3.03 Conquering The Cowboy (Mills & Boon Blaze)

Trusting him is dangerous…

When a mission goes disastrously wrong, search-and-rescue team lead Taylor Williams is left with indescribable terror at the prospect of climbing. But she knows she has to face her fear to overcome it. Now she's at a ranch in New Mexico, where her climbing recertification is in the hands of cowboy climber Quinn Monroe. Only this devilishly handsome rancher is about as friendly as a spur in the backside…

As they prepare for the climb,… (more)

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Publisher: Mills & Boon Blaze (April 01, 2017)

Collection: Blaze

Format: EPUB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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