The Life to Come

The Life to Come

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15.99 The Life to Come

  • de Kretser is a master of immersive detail; she tells her story as much through a series of intimately recalled, gorgeously memorable images as she does her charming cast of characters
  • The Life to Come weaves together the loosely connected lives of characters, roaming widely across the globe (from Australia to France to Sri Lanka) and between the present and memories of shared (and hidden) pasts
  • The Life to Come is peppered with delightfully smart and funny observations… (more)
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    For a novel concerned with dislocation, there’s a lot of grounding humor in “The Life to Come.” Most of it comes at the expense of Pippa and her ilk, but de Kretser’s observations are so spot on, you’ll forgive her even as you cringe.

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    Publisher: Catapult (March 01, 2018)

    Format: EPUB

    Page count: 352 pages

    Protection: DRM

    Language: English

    Awards: Miles Franklin Award 2018 winner

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