Make Way for Her

Make Way for Her

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24.95 Make Way for Her

A girl afflicted with pyrokinesis tries to control her fire-starting long enough to go to a dance with a boy she likes. A woman trapped in a stalled marriage is excited by an alluring ex-con who enrolls in her YMCA cooking class. A teen accompanies her mother, a prestigious poet, to a writing conference where she navigates a misguided attraction to a married writer -- who is, in turn, attracted to her mother -- leaving her "inventing punishments for writers who believe… (more)

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Kirkus Reviews : Make Way for Her (February 22, 2018)

These portraits are a welcome addition to the burgeoning canon of finely wrought female stories.

Book Details  

Publisher: The University Press of Kentucky (December 08, 2017)

Collection: University Press of Kentucky New Poetry & Prose Series

Format: EPUB

Page count: 200 pages

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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