Swimming Studies

Editorial reviews

Swimming Studies

It becomes the subtle narrative of an artist who has found beauty in the repetitive prosaicism of daily life.

It’s an adorable book, self-consciously so, a boutique item that cries out to be sold on Etsy and next to the garlic scapes at organic farmers’ markets.

This enigmatic book is written out of what cannot be fathomed – the life never lived, her own unknown depths. It is mourning disguised as inquiry in which swimming, writing and painting join forces.

As it is, Swimming Studies is the kind of book that would normally languish in a slush pile, loved fiercely by a lone literary editor and then vetoed by the marketing department, if it weren’t for who the author is.

No tales of triumph here—but don’t let that dissuade you from this subtle, spare and elegant meditation on the physical and psychic torments, not to mention satisfactions and joys, of extreme athletic discipline.

A disjointed debut memoir about how competitive swimming shaped the personal and artistic sensibilities of a respected illustrator.