Convenience Store Woman

Convenience Store Woman

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20.0 Convenience Store Woman

  • Murata has been a huge runaway bestseller in Japan, one of the highest selling literary novels of recent years, selling 660,000 hardcovers to date. Convenience Store Woman won Japan’s most prestigious literary prize, the Akutagawa Prize. Rights have been sold in nine territories so far; Grove conducted a four-way auction for UK & Commonwealth rights, selling to Granta Books, the UK publisher of The Vegetarian, which is a good comp title. There is already a lot… (more)
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    It’s a sign of excellent literature to be able to effortlessly hold up multiple interpretations at once. Murata’s book is no exception: It’s all of these things while also rendering an artful grotesque of modern personal branding.

    Simultaneously disturbing and enthralling, Murata’s short work, a bestseller in her own country, speaks volumes about society and the role of the outcast.

    Murata tells her story very sympathetically, showing that finding your niche, even if it as a lowly as convenience store worker, is what matters, particularly if you do not fit in with the way society thinks you should fit in.

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    Publisher: Grove Press (June 12, 2018)

    Format: EPUB

    Page count: 176 pages

    Protection: DRM

    Language: English

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