All You Can Ever Know

All You Can Ever Know

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25.99 All You Can Ever Know

  • All You Can Ever Know is story for our moment, ripe with themes including identity, motherhood, racism, trauma, family politics, and belonging. Chung traces her birth to Korean immigrant parents in Seattle, closed adoption by white parents, and an upbringing in a small town in Oregon, the reunion with her birth family that coincided with the birth of her first child, and what happened after the reunion as she intentionally incorporated what she learned into her identity… (more)
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    Compassion-filled, truthful and page-turningly compelling, ALL YOU CAN EVER KNOW is dexterous, honest work. Exquisite and inquisitive, it gets at the heart of what it means to belong.

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    Publisher: Catapult (October 01, 2018)

    Format: EPUB

    Page count: 240 pages

    Protection: DRM

    Language: English

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