The Martian War

The Martian War

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4.99 The Martian War

What if the Martian invasion was not entirely the product of H.G. Wells's vivid imagination? What if Wells witnessed something that spurred him to write The War of the Worlds as a warning? 

From drafty London flats to the steamy Sahara, to the surface of the moon and beyond, The Martian War takes the reader on an exhilarating journey with Wells and his companions.

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I enjoyed The Martian War as a scientific romance, though not as much as I did Captain Nemo. It is good entertainment, and typing as a fan of HG Wells’ science fiction, there’s a lot here to like.
Though it’s fun, perhaps it is a secret plot on the part of the Martians in trying to convince me the book’s not totally successful....

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Publisher: Titan Books (September 25, 2012)

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