How Music Works

Editorial reviews

How Music Works

Byrne shows not just how music works, but how music publishing should work too.

How Music Works is an entertaining and erudite book, from a figure who has spent his career proving that those two adjectives can happily coexist.

In "How Music Works," Byrne delivers an essential guide to performance and recording, honest and up-to-date, and filled with both practical advice and insightful commentary.

To How Music Works’ credit, that same joy—of singing and playing, of thinking and dancing, of listening and wondering—renders almost every page a song.

Give Mr. Byrne credit for consistently going his own way. But “How Music Works” is a road to nowhere.

It was wildly ambitious to try and turn this galaxy of theory into a readable work of scholarship but Byrne has done it, and done it with style.

Altogether it’s as quirky and odd as you’d expect from Byrne but less consistently entertaining than you’d hope.

Highly recommended—anyone at all interested in music will learn a lot from this book.