Soul Seeker: A Novel of Lasniniar

Soul Seeker: A Novel of Lasniniar

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5.99 Soul Seeker: A Novel of Lasniniar

Iarion has always known he isn’t like other elves.

He has wandered Lasniniar for millennia—far longer than the lifespan of any other Shadow Elf. He has fought against the armies of the Fallen One, and witnessed Saviadro’s methodical rise to power.

Now, he seeks the counsel of Iadrawyn, but even she has little insight to offer, other than to send him on a quest to reunite the elves’ sundered magic.

...A quest that will take him into the heart of the Fallen One’s… (more)

Book Details  

Publisher: WaywardScribe Press (December 06, 2019)

Collection: The World of Lasniniar

Format: EPUB

Page count: 426 pages

File size: 577 KB

Protection: DRM free

Language: English

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