The Jewel of Seven Stars

The Jewel of Seven Stars

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4.99 The Jewel of Seven Stars

"Hither the Gods come not at any summons. The Nameless One has insulted them and is forever alone. Go not nigh, lest their vengeance wither you away!"

The warning was inscribed on the entrance of the hidden tomb, forgotten for millennia in the sands of mystic Egypt. Then the archaeologists and grave robbers came in search of the fabled Jewel of Seven Stars, which they found clutched in the hand of the mummy. Few heeded the ancient warning, until all who came in contact… (more)

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Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates (May 15, 1999)

Collection: Tor Classics

Format: EPUB

File size: 301.4 KB

Protection: DRM free

Language: English

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