Coal to Diamonds: A Memoir

Coal to Diamonds: A Memoir

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6.99 Coal to Diamonds: A Memoir

A raw and surprisingly beautiful coming-of-age memoir, Coal to Diamonds tells the story of Mary Beth Ditto, a girl from rural Arkansas who found her voice.


Born and raised in Judsonia, Arkansas—a place where indoor plumbing was a luxury, squirrel was a meal, and sex ed was taught during senior year in high school (long after many girls had gotten pregnant and dropped out) Beth Ditto stood out. Beth was a fat, pro-choice, sexually confused choir nerd with a great… (more)

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Of all the music autobiographies published this autumn, this one is, probably, the lightest on music. There's little exegesis of Gossip's many excellent albums, only one of which is famous. But you don't miss it, because Ditto's own trials and tribulations – told largely in her own voice – are so riveting.

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Publisher: Spiegel & Grau (October 09, 2012)

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