Editorial reviews


Change is inevitable for the migrant — and for us all. In Astray, Donoghue makes us tremble at the idea and revel in its possibilities.

Donoghue has created a restless world of travelers, finders and seekers, as well as a book that is an interactive narrative hybrid, one that gets us lost in other lives, that probes our history, that reveals the artist behind the work and that ultimately shows us something fresh, unsettling and enduring about ourselves.

Readers looking for the visceral power of “Room” will find tastes of it, but in small, snack-size packages.

Some authors inspire us with their distinctive, inimitable voices. We love them for their familiar lilts and trills – the tune of each novel might be new but we always recognise the singer. Donoghue is an artist of a different kind. She is a shape-shifter, a subtle, imaginative impersonator.

Astray is an essentially hopeful book. It shows the vast talent of a writer for whom every life has its glowing moments, which shine here, despite the dark truths told alongside them.

Donoghue is a skilful story-teller and this collection benefits both from her impressive imagination and detailed research.