Ways of Going Home

Editorial reviews

Ways of Going Home

The nonlinear, kaleidoscopic quality of Ways Of Going Home seems like an attempt to translate the unique virtues of poetry into prose, a challenge Zambra doesn’t quite meet.

Ways was not a great read because of what happened but because of the emotions it evoked.

Funny, contemplative and quietly moving, "Ways of Going Home" pulls off the intoxicating trick of making the world feel smaller in its familiar touchstones found in a time of unique tragedy.

What the narrator calls “stains on memory”, and by extension the strain memory places on the individual, fascinate Zambra and he elegantly explores them in this brief but notable novel.

Complex yet sophisticated, the novel places Zambra at the spearhead of a new Chilean fiction.

A metafictional layer cake of political, technical and poetic reflection—short, deft and striking.