This Is the Way

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This Is the Way

Corbett is brilliant at creating an utterly original—and beautiful—language to portray this young man's alienation from the world. An inventive and beguiling book.

Corbett gives us language that is its own form of mysticism; as in Malone Dies this mysticism’s best use is in spinning yarns, in being mystified, in seeking peace and finding none.

In This Is The Way Gavin Corbett has created a character whose own journey mirrors the act of reading and he has done this with more than the usual cleverness.

The triumph is in the telling. Anthony’s voice, once heard, is hard to forget; its rhythms, its repetitions, its sly humour – all strike the reader as genuinely original.

This is memorable work from a gifted writer whose next moves we should await with very keen interest.

The Spectator : Down to a T (February 02, 2013)

It’s a bloody good story.