The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

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10.99 The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

In the waning months of World War II, young Evelyn Roe's life is transformed when she finds what she takes to be a badly burned soldier, all but completely buried in the heavy red-clay soil on her family's farm in North Carolina. When Evelyn rescues the stranger, it quickly becomes clear he is not a simple man. As innocent as a newborn, he recovers at an unnatural speed, and then begins to change—first into Evelyn's mirror image, and then into her complement, a… (more)

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This was semi miss for me. It was just a bit too odd for my taste, which I know sounds strange coming from me - I read odd stuff all the time. It is a strangely compelling read, I will give it that. I didn't love it but I didn't want to stop reading.

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Publisher: HarperCollins (April 23, 2013)

Collection: Ecco

Format: EPUB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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