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International bestselling author Liad Shoham makes his American debut in this compelling, superbly plotted crime thriller.

After a brutal rape disturbs a quiet Tel Aviv neighborhood, baffled detectives find no clues, no eyewitnesses, and no suspects. The father of the shattered victim refuses to rest until justice is done, so he begins his own investigation. Keeping watch over his daughter's apartment from the street, he notices Ziv Nevo lurking in the shadows.

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I wanted to expose the reader to the “behind the scenes” of the law enforcement system
I wanted to expose the reader to the “behind the scenes” of the law enforcement system (September 17, 2013)
Interview of Liad Shoham by Bernard Strainchamps

Liad Shoham is an Israeli writer and attorney. His books are realistic depictions of Israel’s criminal justice system, as the police and the courts themselves are reflections of the country’s society.

Editorial reviews (2 reviews) Reviews : Lineup (September 06, 2013)

LINEUP is a dark and gritty work, sometimes depressing but always interesting. Shoham wisely keeps the highly charged political situation in Israel out of the story, for the most part, using it only briefly as a scenic backdrop.

If you enjoy mysteries and danger this is a great book for your library. A strong choice for a reading group, they will find a great deal of information for discussion.

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Publisher: HarperCollins (September 03, 2013)

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