Three Hundred Million

Three Hundred Million

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13.99 Three Hundred Million

An unforgettable novel of an American suburb devastated by a fiendish madman—the most ambitious and important work yet by “the 21st century answer to William Burroughs” (Publishers Weekly).

Blake Butler’s fiction has dazzled readers with its dystopian dreamscapes and swaggering command of language. Now, in his most topical and visceral novel yet, he ushers us into the consciousness of two men in the shadow of a bloodbath: Gretch Gravey, a cryptic psychopath… (more)

Editorial reviews (5 reviews)

"300,000,000" is more than an unconventional horror novel: It is a vision of dark power and extraordinary empathy. Just don't read it before going to bed at night.

300,000,000 is Butler’s best middle finger to date.

Fiction’s ability to reveal the fallibility of language is nothing new. What Butler offers is, curiously enough, something religion posits: language is inadequate to capture existence.

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Publisher: Harper Perennial (October 14, 2014)

Format: EPUB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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