Trailsman #257, The: Colorado Cutthroats

Trailsman #257, The: Colorado Cutthroats

for $ 4.99

4.99 Trailsman #257, The: Colorado Cutthroats

The Trailsman wants to get his hands on some thieves with the Midas touch! 

Skye Fargo has arrived in Denver with only one thing on his mind: a buxom dame named Molly. But trouble always crops up wherever Fargo hangs his hat—and soon he hears tell of some anonymous murderers just outside the city. There’s gold in them there Colorado hills, and some lucky young bucks have struck it rich. But one after another, these fellas have been turning up dead, robbed—and… (more)

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Publisher: Berkley (March 04, 2003)

Format: EPUB

Page count: 176 pages

File size: 229 KB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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