Bad Feminist

Editorial reviews

Bad Feminist
The New York Times : Arguably (October 10, 2014)

The eager pride she takes in being different — “I am an acquired taste” — can read more like personal branding than political conviction.

Kirkus Reviews : Bad Feminist (October 01, 2014)

An occasionally brilliant, hit-or-miss grab bag of pop-culture criticism.

Gay writes with authority, conviction and a spirit of rising up against stereotypes and labels.

Whether or not readers join Gay in her bad feminism, they will certainly walk away from this book with a new outlook on their own flaws and their own humanity.

When she was younger, Gay turned her back on feminism (hence her title). With this book, she has made up ground. Her place in the sisterhood is secure.

Gay is passionately committed to engaging with the world and trying to lead in what she acknowledges is a small, imperfect way.