How To Be A Heroine

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How To Be A Heroine

I found myself scrolling through my library’s online catalogue for the titles, and I’m looking forward to returning to How to Be a Heroine once more to read Ellis’ commentary. It’s hard to fault a book that loves other books so much.

Her eclectic heroines, from Shakespeare’s to Jilly Cooper’s, allow her to think about feminism without tangling with theory.

She is ardent about everything and writes of her favourite novels as if they were drugs, "inhaling" them, indulging in them, bingeing.

A fantastically inspirational memoir that makes you want to reread far too many books.

Ellis not only makes you want to go and re-read your own teenage canon but to recapture that mode of absorbing novels — so often flogged out of Eng lit students.

The lessons we learnt from the literary heroines that have littered our lives are what Samantha Ellis examines in her brilliant book.