Shlepping the Exile

Shlepping the Exile

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11.99 Shlepping the Exile

Svelte and supple as unleavened bread, Shlepping the Exile rends the shmaltz from Jewish fiction and replaces it with a pound of real flesh.

It's the story of Yoine Levkes, a hassidic boy of the Canadian prairies, his refugee parents, and the Jewish community of Coalbanks, Alberta in the late 1950s. Confronted with dying people, an ailing culture, the perils of near-orphanhood and the allures of Sabina Mandelbroit, whose family doesn't keep the Sabbath, Yoine can… (more)

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Wex's humorous writing is crisp. Note: There's a lot of Yiddish threaded through the story, so the glossary at the back of the book may prove helpful.

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Publisher: St. Martin's Press (February 18, 2014)

Collection: St. Martin's Press

Format: EPUB

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Language: English

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