Words of Radiance

Words of Radiance

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Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive sequence began in 2010 with the New York Times bestseller The Way of Kings. Now, the eagerly anticipated Words of Radiance continues the epic story and answers many of your questions.

Six years ago, the Assassin in White, a hireling of the inscrutable Parshendi, assassinated the Alethi king on the very night a treaty between men and Parshendi was being celebrated. So began the Vengeance Pact among the highprinces of Alethkar… (more)

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If the remaining novels in the series deliver the same way Words of Radiance did, I suspect novels in The Stormlight Archive will be the highlight Epic Fantasy novels of the year for quite a while to come.

It is a piece of art composed by a mad master who is so deep into his work that he cannot see beyond it–out of control and in danger of toppling over, but undeniably brilliant.

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Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates (March 04, 2014)

Collection: Tor Books

Format: EPUB

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