Mentats of Dune

Mentats of Dune

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9.99 Mentats of Dune

In Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's Mentats of Dune, the thinking machines have been defeated but the struggle for humanity's future continues.

Gilbertus Albans has founded the Mentat School, a place where humans can learn the efficient techniques of thinking machines. But Gilbertus walks an uneasy line between his own convictions and compromises in order to survive the Butlerian fanatics, led by the madman Manford Torondo and his Swordmaster Anari Idaho. Mother… (more)

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By the time the novel reaches its conclusion, you feel that you've been through hell and back. In a good way.

The magic lingers, even when the final chapters have already been written.

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Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates (March 11, 2014)

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