The Subprimes

The Subprimes

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9.99 The Subprimes

A wickedly funny dystopian parody set in a financially apocalyptic future America, from the critically acclaimed author of Triburbia.

In a future America that feels increasingly familiar, you are your credit score. Extreme wealth inequality has created a class of have-nothings: Subprimes. Their bad credit ratings make them unemployable. Jobless and without assets, they’ve walked out on mortgages, been foreclosed upon, or can no longer afford a fixed address. Fugitives… (more)

Editorial reviews (5 reviews)

In the end, the book’s wickedly satirical tone morphs, becoming melancholic with hope, and almost poetic, which means that “The Subprimes” doesn’t just amuse — it haunts.

Greenfeld has created a dark, funhouse mirror reflection of our current world... We may not be living in the world of THE SUBPRIMES just yet, but Greenfeld’s novel is a pointed warning that such a future may not be all that far off.

Eventually, pastiche and parody, hero and villain, and first and third person collide in a kind of narrative and stylistic slurry that lies somewhere between bewitching and bewildering.

Book Details  

Publisher: Harper (May 12, 2015)

Format: EPUB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

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