Ugly Girls

Editorial reviews

Ugly Girls

Only when Hunter escapes the safety of local color and embraces the raw and risky does "Ugly Girls" shine darkly, as ugly as she wants to be.

Hunter’s language is conversational and spare, dressed up by the occasional metaphor—a style that suits her novel about teenagers.

The New York Times : Ugly Girls (November 27, 2014)

Ms. Hunter’s evocation of life on the violent margins can slide from empathetic into romantic. Her sentences, though, are hard struck and ring clearly.

This is not a heartwarming tale about the transcendent power of female friendship. It’s a lesson that sometimes the odds are stacked so high against women that their friendship doesn’t stand a chance.

If all Hunter wanted to do was shock, she succeeds, but if she wanted to make a larger point, it was lost in all the shouting.

Kirkus Reviews : Ugly Girls (November 05, 2014)

In a haunting portrait of longing, Hunter forces the reader to relate to a wide array of human ugliness.