You Don't Have to Live Like This

You Don't Have to Live Like This

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9.99 You Don't Have to Live Like This

A frighteningly prescient novel of today’s America—one man’s story of a racially charged real estate experiment in Detroit, Michigan.

“You get in the habit of living a certain kind of life, you keep going in a certain direction, but most of the pressure on you is just momentum. As soon as you stop the momentum goes away. It’s easier than people think to walk out on things, I mean things like cities, leases, relationships and jobs.”

Greg Marnier, Marny to… (more)

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Markovits’s seventh work of fiction is a considered examination of tense race relations, warning us that communities are delicate ecosystems that shouldn’t be tampered with, even by those with the best of intentions.

You Don’t Have to Live Like This comes at the perfect time, extracting white attitudes about race and justice, and ever so gently forcing us to think about them, even when, like Marny, we’d prefer just to watch.

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Publisher: Harper (July 07, 2015)

Format: EPUB

Protection: DRM

Language: English

Awards: James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction 2015 winner

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