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From the Sea

Sailor Steve Costigan is a fictional character created by Robert E. Howard. He is a merchant sailor on the Sea Girl and is also its champion boxer. His only true companion is a bulldog named Mike.

Costigan, one of Howard's humorous boxing pulp heroes, roamed the Asiatic seas with fists of steel, a will of iron, and a head of wood. A striking contrast between Howard’s barbarians and swordsmen,… (more)


Vikings of the Gloves

The Sign of the Snake

Breed of Battle

The Pit of the Serpent

The Bull Dog Breed

Waterfront Fists

Dark Shanghai

Fist and Fang

Circus Fists

The Slugger's Game

Texas Fists

Night of Battle

Sluggers on the Beach

Winner Take All

Blow the Chinks Down!

The TNT Punch

Champ of the Forecastle

General Ironfist

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