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Dictionary of Cricket

by Michael Rundell

Do you know...- the difference between a chinaman and a doosra?- where to find cow corner, the V, and the corridor of uncertainty?- what Nelson, Merlyn and Michelle have to do with cricket?- how to get a ball...

The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football

by John J. Miller

The intriguing, never-before-fully-told story of how Theodore Roosevelt helped tosave the game that would become America’s most popular sport.

In its infancy during the late nineteenth century,the game of football...

How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

by Franklin Foer

Soccer is much more than a game, or even a way of life. It is a perfect window into the cross–currents of today's world, with all its joys and its sorrows. In this remarkably insightful, wide–ranging work...

The Smart Girl's Guide to Sports: An Essential Handbook for Women Who Don't Know a Slam Dunk from a Grand Slam

by Hartman Musiker, Liz

A fun and accessible introduction to the wide world of sports

For every woman who feels out of her league when her signifi cant other spends nights glued to ESPN or when "the guys" talk sports at work, The Smart...

Sometimes You See It Coming

by Kevin Baker

Based in part on the life of baseball legend Ty Cobb, this book belongs in the pantheon of great baseball novels.

John Barr is the kind of player who isn't supposed to exist anymore. An all-around superstar,...

The Surfboard

by Ben Marcus & Juliana Morais

The history of the surfboard is one of innovation---innovation that has in turn shaped the sport of surfing. The Surfboard follows this history, from the first "wave-riding" redwood planks crafted by ancient...

Encyclopedia of Sports Films

by K Edgington

In this reference volume, more than 200 fictional feature-length movies with a primary focus on an athletic endeavor are discussed, including comedies, dramas, and biopics. Brief summaries and credit information...

Bottom of the 33rd: Hope and Redemption in Baseball's Longest Game

by Dan Barry

On April 18, 1981, a ball game sprang eternal. What began as a modestly attended minor-league game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings became not only the longest ever played in baseball...

One Season (in Pinstripes): A Memoir

by William Fredrick Cooper

A true story about sports, faith, and redemption, compliments of one season with the New York Yankees.

Author William Fredrick Cooper has experienced the loss of employment, painful character assaults on his...

The Greatest Game Ever Played: Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, and the Birth of Modern Golf

by Mark Frost

THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED is the story of Francis Ouimet and Harry Vardon, who in pursuit of their passion for a game that captivated them as children, broke down rigid social barriers that made their sport...

Spinning the Globe

by Ben Green

Before Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Julius Erving, or Michael Jordan––before Magic Johnson and Showtime––the Harlem Globetrotters revolutionized basketball and spread the game around the world. In...

If Football's a Religion, Why Don't We Have a Prayer?

by Jere Longman

The last time a Philadelphia professional sports team won a championship, Ronald Reagan was in the White House and Return of the Jedi was number one at the box office. No city with all four major sports has...

Fever Pitch

by Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby has been a soccer fan since the moment he was conceived. Fever Pitch is his tribute to a lifelong obsession. Part autobiography, part comedy, part incisive analysis of insanity, Hornby's award-winning...

Seconds Out

by Martin Kohan & Nick Caistor

New York, 1923, the Argentine Luis Angel Firpo, called the Wild Bull of the Pampas, knocks out of the ring the American Jack Dempsey, heavyweight champion of the world. In Buenos Aires, the match is transmitted...

Will You Manage?: The Necessary Skills to Be a Great Gaffer

by Musa Okwonga

Bloody obvious isn't it: tell the defenders to route one out to Drogba' 'That's what they've been doing all night and look where it's got them' 'The final ball has just not been weighted enough; in any case,...

Beneath the Black Water: The Search for an Ancient Fish

by Jon Berry

One man's obsession with catching an ancient fish in the deepest waters of the Scottish Highlands and beyond. "When I was very young and on holiday in Scotland, my cousin told me about giant trout that lived...

Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask

by Jeremy Roberts

He's called the human highlight reel of professional wrestling. His high-flying acrobatics have thrilled fans on every continent. He's been crowned champion of the world's greatest wrestling promotions, from...


by Thomas Hackett

Slaphappy is reporter Thomas Hackett's penetrating look at the world of professional wrestling, for those who love the spectacle and for the sport's skeptics and the uninitiated. Through interviews with wrestlers,...

Hardcore Diaries

by Mick Foley

What was I thinking? Another autobiography? A third? Who did I think I was, Winston Churchill? Why would I want to set my pen loose on hundreds of sheets of notebook paper unless I really felt I had something...

Fairway to Hell: Around the World in 18 Holes

by Frank Lidz

Presents a collection of humorous stories about golf around the world gleaned from the author's personal experience, including stories about a golf tournament for fat people and a course where the caddies are...

Open Court

by Carol Clippinger

Here I am not someone's little sister. Not someone's daughter. Not someone's friend. This game beckons mechooses me. I am a warrior. An Amazon. I am beautiful. And I play to win.

Holloway Braxton takes no...

The Duke of Havana: Baseball, Cuba, and the Search for the American Dream

by Ray Sanchez & Steve Fainaru

In 1998, a mysterious right-handed pitcher emerged from the ashes of the Cold War and helped lead the New York Yankees to a World Championship. His origins and even his age were uncertain. His name was Orlando...

An Accidental Athlete: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Middle Age

by John "The Penguin" Bingham

Known by fans as "The Penguin" for his back-of-the-pack speed, John Bingham is the unlikely hero of the modern running boom. In his new book, the best-selling author and magazine columnist recalls his childhood...

Juan Marichal: My Journey from the Dominican Republic to Cooperstown

by Juan Marichal & Lew Freedman

In a decade that featured such legendary hurlers as Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, Don Drysdale, and other Hall of Famers, no pitcher won more games than Juan Marichal in the 1960s. His unique, high-kick pitching...

The Right Set: A Tennis Anthology

by Caryl Phillips

From stately lawns and gentlemen players to Andre Agassi and Venus Williams: 65 great writings on tennis that chronicle the transformation of the sport.

Since its inception, tennis has embraced traditions more...

An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport: . . .and Other Random Thoughts from Childhood to Fatherhood

by Kenny Mayne

Painstakingly faithful to its title, Kenny Mayne’s book is neither complete nor is it particularly accurate. Ostensibly an A-to-Z encyclopedia of all known sports, many sports are never mentioned. There’s...

Can I Keep My Jersey?: 11 Teams, 5 Countries, and 4 Years in My Life as a Basketball Vagabond

by Paul Shirley & Chuck Klosterman

He’s been called a journeyman. Even Paul wouldn’t dispute that classification. Regardless, Bill Simmons, ESPN.com’s “The Sports Guy,” has said of Paul Shirley, “We could finally have an answer to...

Crazy '08

by Cait N. Murphy

From the perspective of 2007, the unintentional irony of Chance's boast is manifest—these days, the question is when will the Cubs ever win a game they have to have. In October 1908, though, no one would have...

The Baseball Talmud

by Howard Megdal

From the icons of the game to the players who got their big break but never quite broke through, The Baseball Talmud provides a wonderful historical narration of Major League Jewish Baseball in America. All...

Wilpon's Folly: The Story of a Man, His Fortune, and the New York Mets

by Howard Megdal

The remarkable story of Fred Wilpon, a man who lost everything in one day, then lost it all again over the next three years.

Heart of the Game: Life, Death, and Mercy in Minor League America

by S.l. Price

From the author of Pitching Around Fidel and Far Afield comes an account of the accidental death of minor league first base coach Mike Coolbaugh, illustrating the many ways in which baseball still has a hold...

Taking the Field: A Fan's Quest to Run the Team He Loves

by Howard Megdal

The journey of a fan to make a difference to the one thing he cares about most: his team.

The Worst Call Ever!

by Kyle Garlett & Patrick O'neal

In any sport, whenever an official takes the field, court, ice, ring, or pitch, they do so with a bright red bull's-eye on their backs. For even with their great accuracy and passion for the game, they do make...

What Were They Thinking?

by Kyle Garlett

In 1919, the Boston Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees to finance a Broadway show. In 1968, NBC turned off the Jets-Raiders game with only seconds left to show the made-for-TV movie Heidi. In 1994,...


by Plaxico Burress

In Giant, Plaxico Burress takes you into the locker room, onto the practice field, and into the huddle, providing a flat-out-honest look at life on and off the field with the New York Giants and at the making...

Follow the Roar

by Bob Smiley

With his career at a standstill and his golf game a shadow of its former mediocrity, TV writer and ESPN.com contributor Bob Smiley decided the time had come to turn to the one person who might be able to help:...

Sports in American Life: A History

by Richard O. Davies

This new edition of Davies’ highly praised narrative of American sports history makes use of the very latest research and now includes updated and expanded coverage of major sporting events since 2006, extreme...

When Pride Still Mattered: A Life Of Vince Lombardi

by David Maraniss

In this groundbreaking biography, David Maraniss captures all of football great Vince Lombardi: the myth, the man, his game, and his God.

More than any other sports figure, Vince Lombardi transformed football...

Ice Time: A Tale of Fathers, Sons, and Hometown Heroes

by Jay Atkinson

As kids, we all had passions -- something we loved doing, experienced with our friends, dreamed about every spare moment. For Jay Atkinson, who grew up in a small Massachusetts town, it was hockey. When Bobby...

Not in My Day, Sir: Cricket Letters to the Daily Telegraph

by Martin Smith

The Telegraph has always been sports fans’ paper of choice, and its wonderful Letters page a forum for trenchant debate and robust wit. This first collection of the finest letters written to the paper over...

Squeaky Bum Time: The Wit, Wisdom and Hairdryer of Sir Alex Ferguson

by Daniel Taylor

Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired in May 2013 as manager of Manchester United is the most success manager English football has ever seen. He was simultaneously the most admired and feared manager in British football....

Charlie Finley: The Outrageous Story of Baseball's Super Showman

by G. Michael Green & Roger D. Launius

The first full biography of one of baseball's most colorful and

influential impresarios.

The Silent Season of a Hero: The Sports Writing of Gay Talese

by Gay Talese & Michael Rosenwald

"Sports is about people who lose and

lose and lose. They lose games; then they lose their jobs. It can be

very intriguing."-Gay Talese

The Emerald Diamond: How the Irish Transformed America's Favorite Pastime

by Charley Rosen

The history of the Irish in baseball is much richer than anyone realizes. From early discrimination to later domination, from Mike Kelly, a society star in the 1880s, to the managerial fame of Connie Mack (né...

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