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Parrish's latest opens upon a world so tilted--people are "shifted" into new bodies, while their old bodies and personalities proceed--that it brings Philip K. Dick to mind. Gradually, the Dick-like paranoia itself shifts into flourishes of sword-and-sorcery and a cast of characters rather like X-Men. Psychokinesis is the theme, and Parrish makes it seem plausible, as his reluctant hero, Collin… (more)



Dominion Trilogy #1

by Robin Parrish

Fast-paced, action-packed suspense of good vs. evil as a man races to discover his true identity. Book #1 in the Dominion Trilogy.


Dominion Trilogy #2

by Robin Parrish

Intricate conspiracies and a relentless pace drive forward this larger-than-life tale of a modern hero, providing a resonant message of faith. Dominion Trilogy book 2.


Dominion Trilogy #3

by Robin Parrish

The climatic showdown in this high-octane series pits an unnamable evil against those still fueled by hope, now available in paperback.

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