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The story of protagonists drawn together in a struggle against the little known and little believed-in Noble Dead [higher undead such as vampires] that herald the return of a long forgotten age in fantasy world. It begins with an unlikely trio (only a subset of all those who become involved) drawn together as charlatans who use their skills (and perhaps unknowingly their secret talents) to cheat… (more)



Noble Dead #1

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

She hunts the realm’s most dangerous game.

Her fees are exorbitant.

She’s worth every coin she receives.

Or is she?


Magiere has earned a reputation as the most formidable vampire slayer in the land. Villagers...

Thief of Lives

Noble Dead #2

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Sister of the Dead

Noble Dead #3

by Barb Hendee

Magiere the dhampir and her partner, the half-elf Leesil, are on a journey to uncover the secrets of their mysterious pasts. But first their expertise as vampire hunters is required on behalf of a small village...

Traitor to the Blood

Noble Dead #4

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

The adventures of Magiere and Leesil continue as they journey into Leesil's savage homeland seeking the family-and secret burden-he abandoned long ago.

Rebel Fay

Noble Dead #5

by Barb Hendee

Magiere the Dhampir was created by a shadowy, long-forgotten enemy of many names-an enemy who the elf Leesil was trained from childhood to kill. They were brought together by the Fay to forge an alliance that...

Child of a Dead God

Noble Dead #6

by Barb Hendee

For years, Magiere and Leesil have sought a long-forgotten artifact, even though its purpose has been shrouded in mystery. All Magiere knows is that she must keep the orb from falling into the hands of a murdering...

In Shade and Shadow: A Novel of the Noble Dead

Noble Dead #7

by Barb Hendee

View our feature on Barb and J.C. Hendee’s In Shade and Shadow. The national bestselling Noble Dead saga is "one of those [series] for which the term dark fantasy was definitely intended" (Chronicle)


Through Stone and Sea

Noble Dead #8

by Barb Hendee

Young scholar Wynn Hygeorht remains determined to recover ancient texts she brought back from the castle in the Farlands. To do so, she will have to journey to the mountain stronghold of the dwarves with two...

Of Truth and Beasts

Noble Dead #9

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

Young journeyer Wynn Hygeorht sets out with her companions, the vampire Chane Andraso and Shade, an elven wolf, in search of a dwarven stronghold that may well be the last resting place of a mythical orb- one...

Between Their Worlds

Noble Dead #10

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

Wynn Hygeort is stunned when Magiere and Leesil, along with the elven wolf Chap, show up at the Guild of Sagecraft. But Wynn cannot leave with her friends—she still must access the texts within the Guild’s...

The Dog in the Dark: A Novel of the Noble Dead

Noble Dead #11

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

Magiere, Leesil, and elven dog Chap are continuing their quest to find the powerful Orb of Air. But they are not alone. Aging elven assassin Brot’an has forced his company on them while also offering his protection....

A Wind in the Night: A Novel of the Noble Dead

Noble Dead #12

by Barb Hendee & J.C. Hendee

In her quest to find the Orb of Spirit, Wynn Hygeorht is torn between two men who hate each other—her vampire protector, Chane Andraso, and the elf Osha, who has tender feelings for her. Now a strange series...

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