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Fate brings three women together for a chance to unlock their deepest desires. Malory has the soul of an artist and an eye for beauty. She must find the Key of Light--on the first of three dangerous quests that could fulfill her destiny...or forever destroy her life.


Key Of Light

The Key #1

by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts invites you to unlock your dreams...Three women. Three keys. Each has 28 days to find her way through a dangerous quest. Nora Roberts brings us a unique series with a twist—each novel is written...

Key Of Knowledge

The Key #2

by Nora Roberts

In the second installment of Nora Roberts’ thrilling Key series, Dana Steele is forced to face her past with the handsome Jordan Hawke when he writes a book that connects him to her quest for the Key of Knowledge....

Key Of Valor

The Key #3

by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts presents the stunning conclusion to the all-new trilogy of destiny and desire...

Join Zoe in the ultimate quest for courage.

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