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series of novels about several generations of the Blackwood family who served in the Royal Marines from the 1850s to the 1970s


Badge of Glory

Blackwood Family #1

by Douglas Reeman

Travel through Britain's military history with a proud seafaring family, the Blackwoods, and the service tradition in which they make their careers—the Royal Marines. Captain Philip Blackwood of the Royal Marines...

The Horizon

Blackwood Family #3

by Douglas Reeman

World War I, 1915, Jonathan Blackwood fights from the sea, supported by the Royal Navy in the battlefields of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli, watching the slaughter mounting around him, helpless to save either...

Dust on the Sea

Blackwood Family #4

by Douglas Reeman

The Mediterranean, 1943: At long last the British Army has won a victory, and Rommel's Afrika Korps is in retreat. Into this new phase of the war comes Captain Mike Blackwood, Royal Marine Commando. Already...

Knife Edge

Blackwood Family #5

by Douglas Reeman

After the murder of his father, Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Blackwood, Ross Blackwood finds himself assigned to the Far East, taking on rebels and illegal-arms dealers in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Along the way he...

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