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Phillip Hazard, of the Royal Navy, is caught up in brutal conflicts as he fights the Russians in the Crimea and the Sepoys in India. From one shocking battle to another, Hazard takes part in crucial wars fought during a significant turning point in world military history. Blood and iron cannot shake his belief in duty and country—but betrayal by those in command just might!


Escape from Hell

Phillip Hazard #8

by V. A. A. Stuart

With the Sepoy Mutiny still threatening British lives in India, Commander Phillip Hazard volunteers to accompany a special army force to rescue the besieged British garrison at Ghorabad. Hazard and the men of...

Guns to the Far East

Phillip Hazard #7

by V. A. A. Stuart

The Crimean War has ended at last, and Phillip Hazard finds himself in China, serving under the fiery Commodore Keppel. The British pull off a rousing victory against a Chinese junk fleet at Fatsham Creek, but...

Hazard in Circassia

Phillip Hazard #5

by V. A. A. Stuart

To break the stalemate in the Crimea, the British must search for unlikely help among the self-reliant mountain people of Circassia. Commander Phillip Hazard of HMS Huntress is dispatched with a select handful...

Hazard of Huntress

Phillip Hazard #4

by V. A. A. Stuart

The Crimean War rages on, and determined to break the stalemate, the British decide to send a spy into Odessa. And who better for this perilous mission than Captain Phillip Hazard, newly promoted to command...

Hazard's Command

Phillip Hazard #3

by V. A. A. Stuart

The Crimean War is at its peak as the winter of 1854 sets in, and Commander Phillip Hazard of the 31-gun, steam-screw frigate Trojan is sent to bring troop reinforcements from Constantinople to Eupatoria. On...

The Brave Captains

Phillip Hazard #2

by V. A. A. Stuart

As the Russian cavalry prepares to launch a full-scale attack to seize Balaclava, the British find themselves in desperate straits. Dangerously outnumbered, they are hoping for reinforcements, but in the meantime...

The Valiant Sailors

Phillip Hazard #1

by V. A. A. Stuart

Sailing beneath the ominous cloud of war between Turkey and Russia, the frigate Trojan is on her way to the Black Sea, carrying on board a mysterious passenger, a young woman whose identity must be concealed...

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