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Dr. Letitia Morgan comes to Hartville, Colorado, in the late 1800s to follow her God-given calling to heal. Soon she becomes Hartville's ministering angel, reaching out to the children of the town drunk, and skillfully touching all who need her.


Light of My Heart

Silver Hills #1

by Ginny Aiken

A lovely young physician fights the brothels and saloons of a frontier town as she encounters controversy--and unexpected romance--along the way. Book 1 in the Silver Hills Trilogy.

Song of My Soul

Silver Hills #2

by Ginny Aiken

Adrian is running from his past, but an anonymous new life seems unlikely as he faces a murderous opium dealer and a beautiful shopkeeper who threatens to steal his heart. Book 2 of the Silver Hills Trilogy....

Spring of My Love

Silver Hills #3

by Ginny Aiken

Angela Rogers and rancher Jeremy Johnson are locked in a battle over land--and love. But are either prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? Book three in the Silver Hills Trilogy.

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