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This series is set in a medieval setting, with small clans of gypsy like people who often have magical talents. This series focuses on a retired warrior Tier, his traveler wife, Seraph, and their family. The first book can be read by itself, and resolves well. The sequel is best enjoyed after reading the first book.


Raven's Shadow

Raven Duology #1

by Patricia Briggs

Seraph is a Raven mage who left behind her responsibilities for the love of the ex-soldier Tier. But when Tier disappears, Seraph must use her magic?and fulfill her ancestors? oath to protect humanity from destruction....

Raven's Strike

Raven Duology #2

by Patricia Briggs

The Traveler Seraph must use all her cunning and ability as a Raven mage to track down an unimaginable force of destruction known as the Shadowed.


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